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Kingsbury: The Suburban Pantheon.

Mimesis uses a real everyman suburban town in London to explore the mythology of where we are coming from and asks where we are going.

To decipher confused dreams and subliminal messages Declan returns to his old home town to prevent a mysterious and ominous disaster. By examining folklore, local history and a wide variety of art, politics and literature he seeks to piece the real history together in the face of lies and legends. 

Funny, clever and highly contemporary, Mimesis is a London comic for grown ups.

The North of the dtm comics triptych.


By D Conway

Adult content & language.

Chapters 1-6, US Comic size, Colour cover B&W inside. 26 pages.


Chapter 1: The Parable of the Plums


In a nowhere town a half-remembered dream of Chuculain and other nonsense prompts a lost man to begin to look under a few familiar stones. The movement of people and their stories from the wild west of Ireland to suburbia and emptiness seems to be the calm before the gathering storm.

I’ve heard the wind talkin bout you…


Chapter 2: Free Barabbas


The search for the truth and the villain and the difference between the two takes a turn way off the beaten track. To the Baba Yaga’s chicken leg house, the memory of Auschwitz and the god awful pubs looking out for the Golem. Could the key to the secrets of nowheresville lie East?

Ten thousand Sadomasochists mother one good boy..


Chapter 3: The Ballad of Jamie & Kay


The fracture between the past and the present strains to breaking point. A local story of racism and Stanley knives clumsily mirrors Hanuman, Shiva and the great Gada, the mace that breaks the sky. On Kingsbury High Street the fighting has broken out with Machetes and a burning body seems to wake an ancient end.


Bodytko is coming, get out now….

Chapter 4: 10 Bit (Elthorn Park Ending)

The mad prophet meets the ancient gods of famine and terror and it all kicks off just like the good old days. The broken messengers manage to shout louder than the rest as they hide behind their nylon curtains. Mob rule is back in London and it feels like home.


You cant kill me, I'm made up... 

Chapter 5: "That's the Way to Do It!"

(Jubilee Park Ending)

Together we fall down the rabbit hole of excospection. We may start in a park named to commemorate George V but we end in a comic shop only after bumping into Mimeses lovers, Mimesis haters and the thankfully oblivious. If only we had a more useful tour guide than Danny sodding Dyer.

Don’t ask me mate, Im just a drawing…  


Chapter 6: Stand & Deliver

(Conclusion: Kingsbury Park Ending)


The Finale.

In the centre nexus of Kingsbury, the time, the place and the point. The babbling cedes, the journey ends and the eyes begin to open. The enemy plays their hand, the man falls, the lightning strikes and the hero rises.

Cometh the hour cometh the man.

…In this time and in this place you all fall. Fuckin come on then..



Travels through the NHS in post Brexit austerity Britain or How to have cancer and not be too much of a dick.

A new humorous cartoon diary.


By D Conway


Adult content & language.

US Comic size, B&W. 26 pages.



In hospital for cancer treatment. ​ You could watch Homes under the Hammer or you could write a rude diary of the whole thing to keep yourself sane. Careful though, people will ask to read it and its not going to be pretty….

“Should be recommended reading for every cancer patient. Turned a sick subject into one long wicked laugh, made even funnier by the brilliant illustrations.” Anon


Hospiprison 2!


You’ve left the hospital but has the hospital left you? Turns out not so much. It’s all a little more drawn out than they said. Or maybe they did say and you weren’t listening? Also, this time you’ll have to deal with the nurses that read the first one…

“Its nice to have a ‘warts and all’ version to be honest with you” – NHS staff.


Coup d'état

A modern comic pamphlet of action and art offering alternative solutions to these testing times.

dtm comics first collaborative political piece.


By the Shaboozle collective.


Adult content & language.


US Comic size, B&W, 26 pages. 


Coup d’état 2018


How to start a community game changer, How to help, How to manage work bullshit, How to be part of the essential new narrative, How to start an ethical small business etc…


Coup d’état 2019


How to manage anorexia, How to start a festival, How to manage work bullshit, How to be your own feminist How to relocate etc…

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