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Being Nice.

Every now and then dtm comics will promote a creator just out of pure niceness.

The works promoted will probably not include comic art but will more promote a general support of creativity.

Please contact us through to be included.


Where has the wonder gone?

My brother would talk about the excitement of when a new Bowie or T-Rex alum would come out. He was too young, he was talking about how great it would've been to anticipate.

My sense of wonder has always been wrapped up in comics.

As a child I had a reoccurring dream about finding unbelievably cool comics. a box of free comics in a shed, a pile of under-priced comics, or impossible comics, comics that were too great to exist, cross company cross overs before they were invented. I would always wake up genuinely annoyed that it was just a dream.

Though my real fantasies have changed into ones of sex or money or whatever my subconscious hasn't moved a page.

I still dream of finding cheap daredevil/hellboy comics, and I'm still pissed off when they're not real. 

For me that sense of wonder is best illustrated by American comics from 1975-80. Perfect examples are shown beside this text. I bought em in a London Comic mart and reading them has brought more joy than any of those cool new adult comics.

That's what the world needs now. Wonder, wonder, sweet Wonder.


dtm comics will bring the wonder with Mimesis 6.

Previous  'being nice' recipients were: 

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A Wake A Contemporary Novella

By Mikey Brown

Scum Love A Photographic Memoir

By Kirstie Gormley-Denis.

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